The Other Half of the World

If you would have looked at me three years ago while I was still in high school, and told me about the roller coaster of a life I would be living I would think you are simply crazy. The old life I once knew is gone for the most part. My heart used to be filled with the desire for women, sports, parties, and many other purely earthly desires. Now those things have been replaced with a love for our savior, the desire to help others, an new found passion for knowledge and companionship. The word “humble” had no meaning to the old Tre’, but the man I’m growing into now embodies being the term (most of the time, I still slip up once in a while of course).

For those of you who don’t know much about me, I literally burn with a passion to serve others. I was recently in Guatemala working at a orphanage and an all girls school, and Tuscaloosa, AL helping with Habitat for Humanity for those who lost their homes in the horrible tornado that hit a few years ago. My current adventure has landed me on the other side of the world in CHINA.

My first few days were spent in Beijing, the capitol of the beautiful country. I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit places like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Jade factories, and even the Summer Palace. I have been traveling with two other Americans, four South Koreans, and our guide a Chinese student. We have all grown so close and learn so much from each other.

I don’t want this post to be a whole book long, so I will just talk about the about the Great Wall and call it good until the next one. My favorite thing in China so far is the Great Wall!!! The Wall is amazing, stretching for thousands of miles. Hiking up the beast of a creation is not a joke. The part I hiked is in mountainous territory and is very steep. (I will upload pictures once my technology allows it). Looking down from the top of a mountain while standing on the Wall is so breath taking. You gaze don over a beautiful country sometimes poisoned with a nasty fog, and other days green and pure as God intended. I don’t have words to describe the wondrous beauty of the Great Wall, I wish I could just bring everyone hear to see it personally.

I have so much more I want to share with everyone, but I want to do it with one post at a time. So until next, God Bless and I love you all!


One thought on “The Other Half of the World

  1. Lori and Danny says:

    Tre, it is great to see you being able to explore the world and find/define who you are. Take these opportunities and serve the ONE you know is providing them. Love ya kid! We miss you!

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